Sunday, April 13, 2008

Springtime Splendor

Saturday was our first 70 degree day since October of last year. Christopher was up at West Point with the Boy Scouts for some orienteering training.

Brian and I decided to go to The Central Park Conservatory Gardens to see what was in bloom. If you ever find yourself in Manhattan in Spring or Summertime, it is a place you should not miss. The main gate is on Fifth Avenue at around 103rd Street. Before our rather impromptu wedding at City Hall, we planned to wed here. In fact, we saw a bridal party having their pictures taken.

The forcythia was in a shadier spot, so while it should bloom first, it lagged a little behind.

The magnolias were in full glory, filling the air with their heady fragrance.

This white tree was also in full bloom. I don't know what it is. Its fragrance is much more subtle.

All manner of bulb and small flowers were up. We plan to go back next weekend with Chris. By then the azaleas should be in bloom, as well as some of the other flowering trees.

We traveled downtown to the east village for Indian foods, and a walk along St. Marks Place. We walked up to Union Square to walk off a delicious dinner to find the farmer's market closing up shop. Chris came home around the same time we did. We had a wonderful evening exchanging stories of our adventures.



Bridget said...

Gorgeous pics. I was just about to post some flower photos myself. Love Central Park. Grew up in NJ just across the bridge so I have fond childhood memories of NYC.

The World According to Me said...

Wow, amazing, colourful pictures. I would love to go to Central Park. Maybe one day.

Dwight said...

Thanks for your comments, r. Yeah, it's been a while. But, I guess, once it's in your blood, or the blood is on the page...

Anyway. Beautiful pictures of blooms in the Conservatory Gardens. My goodness! My brother-in-law is a nature photography nut and would love it. Check out his pics at

Furthermore, it sounds like the whole fantastic day was started on a simple note of curiosity: "to see what was in bloom." Sometimes, you just gotta go with your gut - then fill it, too.


Maria said...

What a giddy way to spend a day. Here on the prairie, blooms are just beginning to peek out, nothing big yet, just a promise.

Foster Communications said...

Sounds like a great day! Nice photos!
It is gorgeous here in MN today. 53 degrees. The forecast calls for 72 tomorrow. I think back to when we were blogging about cold and snow--let's hope those days are behind us!
Something about the sunshine just makes me happy!

SOUL: said...

is that orange one a poppy?
is the last one blue bonnets?

i don't know anything about plants or flowers-- except that i only know how to kill them, really really fast !

i also love to look at them.. as long as i don't touch them they're fine. :))

love the photos.. and your day sounds perfect.

i have only been to NY once in my life and i froze my patooty off. it was march 04 or 05 -- i don't even remember for sure.. but it was cold.. especially for march i thought. i do know my girl had a b-day there-- march 9th-- but .. still not sure even which one.. but it would help if i knew that much eh?

anyhow-- yep-- summer would be my dream time to go--- but unfortunately the airlines are aware of that--- i guess everyone else wants to go in the warmer months too--and it costs a fortune to get there.
sooo i don't guess we will be going back.

anyhow-- happy to hear that you are having nice spring like days now, and enjoying things.

happy tuesday

Uncle Phatato said...

You've definitley have a lot less death happening there! We're still recooperating from this winter. It just won't let it's death grip go.

eastcoastdweller said...

Amazing photographic work, Rebecca! Absolutely beautiful.

The Real Mother Hen said...

And it's all snow and rain here! Ohhh...