Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A New Job, Schedule Changes, Yoga and Baseball

Brian started his new job Monday. He is an assistant cook for a senior citizens group run by the Hellenic Association. Originally, he was to start on April 7th. Sometime in late March, that was changed to April 21st. Last Wednesday he received a call in which the HR person said, "See you Monday." Now, I, being ever so quick on the uptake, didn't process that to mean Monday the 14th. I thought they meant Monday the 21st. Well, guess again. Ideally, I like to have a little time to process the ramifications of a change. What time do we all need to get up? What time will I need to leave the house? What time will I get to work? When will I get my yoga classes in? I had about 4 hours to figure this out on Sunday night when it hit me that Yes, Rebecca, Monday starts the new schedule.

Normally, I left the house at either 6am for yoga or 7am for work, and Brian took Christopher to school. Now, the whole house is up by 6am. Brian's work hours are 7am to 2pm. Chris school bell rings at 8:05. There is a before school program that begins at 7:30. Brian leaves the house at 6:50 to walk across the street and down the block to his new gig. Chris and I leave the house at 7:10 so that I can walk him to school while grabbing a cup of piping hot coffee from Starbucks. We then proceed another block and a half, where I get my kiss good-bye on an otherwise deserted block, and Chris goes the other half a block while I watch until the door of the school closes behind him. I then get on the train to work. I really think this walk will be a good thing for us over the long haul. We talk and laugh and occasionally complain. It may only be fifteen to twenty minutes, but as they say, quality, not quantity, and it definitely seems like quality time for us.

This is only the third day of this new schedule, but all seems to be going fairly well. I was expecting some entropy last night, as I had to switch to evening yoga, and didn't get home until around 8:15. That is normal for Monday and Friday nights, but not Tuesdays and Thursdays. But again, all was well. Brian made me a supper of chicken breast and salad that was really good. I cleaned up the dishes, Chris got in the shower. Lights out at Chez Rebecca at 10:30. Huh. THAT never happens!!

Now, a word or two about evening yoga. HOLY SHIT. Same instructor. Same studio. That's where the similarities begin and end. Morning classes are an hour and fifteen. Since I want the same instructor, I now attend the 6pm class, which is an hour and a half. The extra fifteen minutes MATTER. Just when you're ready for closing series and savasana, another whole new series of poses is struck. When the lights do go down for savasana, and the sun is on the descent, it is entirely possible to just drift off to sleep! In the morning class there were a couple of students who I thought were amazing. There were two women in the 6pm class that moved in ways I didn't think humanly possible. What is really surprising is that I didn't feel my usual sense of inferiority creep in to steal my confidence. That is huge for me. My confidence was bolstered by the fact that I accomplished two different versions of arm stand, without my shoulders sinking to the point that my head hit the ground. And I accomplished the crow pose, and nearly held the flying crow pose. So the chick with her knee behind her shoulder didn't bother me one bit :) We did joke that our husbands would enjoy a web cam of the event (my heel was behind my head at the time). And I'm two months shy of my 42nd birthday, people!! HA!! Take THAT, birthday!

Last night we got a call from the ICYP coach. We were late in registering Chris for baseball this year, and were worried that he might not be able to play. Brian told me not to worry, as he knows the commissioner, and sure enough, Chris has a spot. He begins practice on Friday, and probably has a game on Saturday. The coach wanted to talk to Brian about Christopher's strengths and weaknesses, what position he played last year and with which team/coach. Guess we are going to have to move his Saturday therapist appointment, but we don't yet know when we can schedule it. We need the rest of his practice and game schedule to make that decision. Sheesh, we don't even know which team he's on this year! Guess that will be revealed on Friday. From the sounds of it though, this team, or at least the coach, might be more competitive than that which he had last year.

I am repeatedly reminded that the only thing constant in this world is change. Thank goodness these changes are positive thus far.



Aluguel de Computadores said...
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Foster Communications said...

You're a yoga rock star Rebecca!!! V. good achieving those poses!!!

Oh,and can I say I envy your husband's commute? I'd love a short walk to the office.

I hope all is well is your busy, rearranged schedule world. :)

The World According to Me said...

You said it - the only thing that won't change is change!

Well done with the yoga positions. Some of them make my eyes water, just thinking about them!

One of these days I'll get round to going to bed at 10.30. I know my body and mind would thank me for it.

eastcoastdweller said...

The only change that I like is the kind that jingles in my pocket.

Oh, and underwear, too.

Maria said...

Bing does yoga once a week and lives for it. She says that it is the only place where she really feels completely calmed down and ease.

And, yes, schedules. I HATE them but they are our lives, yes? Bing works such long hours (leaves the house at 6, returns around 7) that I am the one doing all the Liv chauffeuring since my schedule is more flexible. Sometimes, (as in recently) when something happens to set me back, Bing has to pick up the slack and boy do I hear about it.

simonsays said...

I can totally relate, the morning routines really do make a difference, and it takes awhile to get it together after a change. Congrats on the new job, btw!

Yoga - you are SO awesome!


suesun said...

You can put your heel behind your head?! Holy yogi Batman!
Walking to school with my kids is a dream I've always had.....
I'll be in NYC about June 10-13!

Uncle Phatato said...

I don't know if I could ever do a morning yoga class... I love it as a decompression. During my first year of teaching, I don't know what I would've done without it during Thursday nights when the week creeps up on you and you get angry e-mails, etc. It was great to just let it go, know that the next morning was a Friday (aren't Friday's ALWAYS easy?) and have a weekend.

It's not as poetic three years later, but I can totally understand wanting to just stay in "corpse pose" and just doze off. Especially in the winter when you just want to stay warm and NOT go back outside.

The Real Mother Hen said...

This is a really nice post, so much love and warmth in it :)

Tacita said...

Well written article.