Monday, April 21, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

The ICYP baseball season has begun! Opening day ceremonies were Saturday morning, and included a parade through the neighborhood that started and ended at the playing field. Last year we had a marching band leading the throng, and keeping some semblance of time. This year, due to some changes in the league administration, we did not. We had these instead:

Back on the field, we were led in the Pledge of Allegiance and Stars Spangled Banner by the commissioner. Local politicians speechified. Sponsors gave their commercial messages and encouragement. First pitches were thrown out. The smell of hot dogs filled the air.

It was a gorgeous day to play baseball! Not a cloud in the sky, temperatures in the mid 70s. Perfect. There were a total of 3 games going at noontime on Saturday. Most other teams begin either midweek or next Saturday. Chris was one of the lucky ones. His team, the Cardinals, played the Mets to a 11-2 victory.

In his season debut, Christopher struck out twice and drew a walk. He also was a pinch runner, coming home on a huge base hit. No one made any really awful plays on the field, and there were a couple of real gems. The rust will be completely off in the next couple of weeks. There are around 14 kids on the roster, so outfield positions, especially, are rotated throughout the game. Chris played right for the first 2 innings.

Christopher joined the team a little late this year, participating in his first practice Friday afternoon. The rest of the team had practiced about 3 times before. One of Christopher's old school buddies, Teddy, is on the team this year, and his dad, a friend of ours, is one of the coaches. He will take Christopher under his wing, and get him up to speed in a hurry. He is a middle school teacher, and loves working with this age group. We played against Ted a couple of times last year. He plays on the CYO baseball and basketball leagues as well. Needless to say, he is pretty good! His dad signed him up for pitching lessons this year.

Christopher's next game is next Saturday. I need to make a note to remember sunscreen. I remembered water, and bubble gum for the dugout Saturday, but not sunscreen. Since were were out doors from around 9:15am until around 3ish, we we all pretty red by Saturday evening, but a decent shade of tan by Sunday morning. I have a farmer tan, dammit. Now my shoulders will never catch up! Sigh.

Yep, once again, Mom's an eeejit.



The World According to Me said...

Hello eeejit (Only joking!)

I don't know much about baseball but it sounded like you all enjoyed yourself and the sun was shining just for you.

Mid 70s? That would be considered a heat wave over here!

Great picture of the team.

eastcoastdweller said...

Whoohoo, sounds like fun. I'm not much into sports, but I'll go if family is involved.

Maria said...

That is the one thing about summer sports that I dislike. I hate the smell of sunscreen, hate slathering it all over Liv (and she hates it too, always squinches her face up when I apply it) and myself.

Long gone are those days of my teenaged youth when I would get a sunburn and think it was cool.

Liv doesn't start softball for a while yet. It is my favorite of all her sports.

Kate said...

I like the smell of sunscreen. AND the smell of hotdogs.

SOUL: said...

sounds like another great day day ---
a farmers tan.. hah.. that's the only kinda tan i ever have :))

happy humpday!

Foster Communications said...

Very cool! :)

I've got a farmer tan too. Recess will do that...

The Real Mother Hen said...

Wow what a gorgeous day and a glory win! :)
Now I can't wait to read the posts that I've missed :)

suesun said...

I just think it's so cool when kids find something they really love. Neither of mine will be into organized sports, I can tell this already, which is fine by me. But I'm happy for you and yours.

I'm living with an insane sunburn on my neck from skiing a week ago and forgetting it was spring and I wasn't all covered up. I sunscreened my face, but not my neck, which is usually all covered up. Damn!

simonsays said...

I used to LOVE watching my sons play sports, and my daughter in the band. Those times were one of those rare moments when I understood why I had children, and for me, those satisified moments were rare, LOL.

Have an awesome time this time, you will have to wear a tank top!


SOUL: said...

just came by to say howdy --
ummm.. howdy !
hope you have more great baseball weather this go round

happpy friday!

simonsays said...

Okay r, where are you? Just busy working and being a wife and mom, and doing the cool yoga thing, I'm sure. Check in woman!!!


Uncle Phatato said...

I don't know about your end (and I'm assuming so), but it's just a busy-as-hell time of year! I'm sorry you look like an eejit. I do too. I even went somewhere for spring break...but my slight tan is getting farmers-tanned by coaching track. Hope the team does well!