Thursday, March 13, 2008

What a Week!

One the one hand, it hardly seems possible that an entire week has gone by since I have last written in this space. On the other...only a week??

To begin with, Daylight Savings Time really did a number on me this year. While I remembered to reset the clocks before going to bed Saturday night, I was completely discombobulated all day Sunday. I woke up late. The sun rose too late, and set too late. I am one of those people who approximates time by the position of the sun and color of the sky. Needless to say, I was off all day. Combine that with having a cold, and forget about it. Supper was late Sunday. Bedtime was chaotic. Oh, well. I figured it wasn't the end of the world.

When I left the house Tuesday morning at 6am, it was still completely dark. When I came out of the subway at 6:40, it was still completely dark. I never gave much thought to walking the 4 blocks and one avenue from the train to the studio, but I did Tuesday. That neighborhood seems completely different, and a little seedy when unlit. We are supposed to gain about a minute of daylight each day until the equinox, or maybe the solstice, I am not sure. So, sometime in the next 2 to 3 weeks, it should be nearly daylight at that time of morning. Not a day too soon. I miss watching the sun come up. I go to class in the dark, come out to full on daylight.

Since last Thursday night I have been nursing a cold. I think it is the fourth one I've had this season. I swear the common cold is going to kill me in my old age. I cough with an intensity and frequency that is just scary. If I were hooked up to heart monitors and a blood pressure cuff, doctors would probably freak out watching the spikes. Nothing, and I do mean nothing relieves it. Some minor relief happens when I overdose on Robitussin Long Acting cough syrup. But man, that leaves you with a don't operate heavy machinery hangover that lasts deep into the day. My poor husband has been up for hours in the night along with me while I hack away.

Christopher's report card was sent home on Friday. Not only did he perform well academically, his conduct and effort grades were really good, too. No Ns (needs improvement) or Us (unsatisfactory) anywhere! Woo Hoo. He earned a Certificate of Merit this trimester, and participated in the awards ceremony. So, last weekend was a do whatever Chris wants to do weekend, pretty much. We had dinner out that night, and father and son went to the movies, while I took up residence on the couch to convalesce.

The only thing that clouded Chris' triumph was the prospect of getting rid of his kitty. Jeffrey is a 4 year old alpha male cat who decided to pee on the couch. And our bed. And Christopher's bed. Brian put the cat into his carrier, and carted him all over town looking for a no kill shelter to take him in. No dice. Every single shelter is completely booked up. Jeffrey and Chris had a reprieve. We purchased some keep away stuff for the furniture. And just to be safe, we put a drop cloth on the couch when we leave. Meanwhile Jeffrey and Brian walk wide circles around one another. Hopefully, detente can be, or has been reached.

Now, my cold is waning, the springtime is waxing. Chris is succeeding. My Mets are doing well in Spring Training. I was able to do a head stand today (harder than it sounds, believe me). Life's trials seem relatively minor these days. Or at least manageable. Or maybe I'm just too tired to overreact. Either way, fine by me!!



The Real Mother Hen said...

"Life's trials seem relatively minor these days" - you've enlightened, my friend :)

Kate said...

Y'know, in a few weeks, I'll be able to enjoy daylight savings. But not yet.

seagrape said...

congratulations on that handstand!

SOUL: said...

congrats to chris-- and glad you're feeling better--
and i pity you with the cat issues--i have two--that have decided NOW would be a good time to start peein in the house-- again. they go through phases. ugh--- if i didn't think it would traumatize my kid they woulda been gone at least 100 times by now.
it drives me insane. the peein and the scratchin. it'll give me a stroke some day.

happy weekend! :))

Maria said...

Even when I was sixteen, I couldn't do a handstand.

I swear that virtually half of the people that I know are sick. It is that insidious cold that just creeps along jumping from person to person and laughing creakily.

Liv's parent/teacher days are next week. Sha had never gotten a bad report, and each and every time, she sweats bullets. Cannot figure it out.

simonsays said...

What a great post, everything is working well right now, Lord, don't you just love when things go well?

'Cept for the kitty issue..let me know how the spray works for you, I'm having some issues myself, and am wanting to pitch a kitty or two..not really, but geez.

Have the best weekend ever, and I hope you are on the mend.


simonsays said...

Have a good week, R!

SOUL: said...

just checkin in... got home yest...
wondering about the crane thing out there----
i haven't heard anymore since the first hour that it happened..
y'all ok?
everyone you know ok?

what's up?

happy tuesday--

Uncle Phatato said...

I had a cold earlier this year that wouldn't go away. I mean really...and the whole "daylight savings time" is dreadful. I'm finally used to it now, but...I'm too tired to vent anymore...


Foster Communications said...

Congrats to your son on his success. I'm sure his parents play a part in his good grades, too. :)

Ew. Cat pee. Good luck with that! :)

The World According to Me said...

Congrats to your son and his report card!
Congrats to you and your handstand!

Come on lighter mornings! It does feel eerie leaving your house when it's still dark in the mornings, don't you think.

As for the coughing, it can drive you nuts. I hope it's eased up.

Oh and no more cat pee now I hope?

eastcoastdweller said...

Blogging is a good thing, I think. It must be practiced and made into a habit, and sometimes we all let it slide for a few days.

Then our wonderful blog friends remind us to get back on track!