Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Running into the Sun But I'm Running Behind

I am behind on blog entries, and blog visits. I'll get there, I promise. In the meantime, here are some of the goings on in my part of the world that do not center around a certain member of the feline nobility.

Good to be Back!

The Ides of March were not nearly as ummm, unfortunate for me as they were for Caesar. Quite the opposite, in fact. We attended a birthday party for the friend with whom I have had minimal contact for the last 6 months or so, and had a wonderful time. More importantly, we came a step closer to getting to bottom of the problem that has placed us in this apparent standoff. We have only emailed back and forth a few times since, which is fine. It gave me some time to think about how I would respond to this knowledge.

The crux of the issue is a blog entry I wrote in a fit of pique on the heels of a horrible experience last summer. A mutual friend at the center of the incident, to whom I had given my blog address, went looking to see if I had written anything on the event. Upon finding that I did, she became incensed and passed the entry on to my friend, who was also tremendously upset about it. Note to self: Keep thy blog address to thyself if you wish to remain able to freely express thyself. But I digress. I have since gone back to reread what I wrote, and stand by it.

Initially, I thought I'd mount a defense. I have since had time to reconsider, and don't think I will. I think I will, when the opportunity presents itself, tell my friend that I am tremendously sorry that she took offense, none was intended. I will not take responsibility for anything that I am not responsible for, but I will acknowledge that words published in a public forum such as this might be stumbled upon, characters, though names withheld, might be recognized, and as such, it would appear that I was talking out of school. Or to put it more succinctly, what I expressed was truthful and accurate as I saw it, but how I chose to express it caused pain which, in retrospect, I regret.

It was a good party. Lots of new faces...amazing how much changes in half a year! I decided to kick out my left leg while holding onto my boot heel, nearly dislocating my hip in the process. No exercise for the next week nursing THAT back to health. No one left in a huff. No arguments. The kids all behaved. And not once did I feel the urge to get involved in clean up. My job was to ensure that there were always uncorked bottles of wine available. That I can do. When I am feeling out of place or uncomfortable, I clean. So if Rebecca is not cleaning, Rebecca must be content. This is a good thing!


Chris and his buddy have been off since the middle of last week for Spring Break. For the first time, Chris got all his assignments taken care of within the first few days, freeing up the rest of his time to just have fun. He has had sleep overs, play dates, trips to the park, all kinds of fun!

To top it off, this past Monday, our 18 year old nephew flew in from Ohio for a visit (he's on Break, too). It is his first trip to the City unaccompanied. It has been a joy having him around. He and my son play like boys...yes, my nephew is 18, has had serious love interests, is a varsity athlete in several sports, and wanted to go out on his own to tromp around Manhattan at night (which we allowed, shhhhh, don't tell his mother), but he and Christopher were still chasing each other all over the house with nerf rifles, giggling like kids. They also played a few games of chess together. It just made my heart smile, music to my ears and eyes as well. Almost enough to make me regret only having had one child, although I do recognize the harmony would be so much more short lived! The boy leaves to go home tomorrow, unless the weather is bad enough to ground his flight.

She works hard for the money, so hard for it honey!

So, all week, I have been walking on eggshells here at work. I have been nervous because I have seen my personnel file sitting on my boss's desk for WEEKS now. I figured that it was just for him to review my time off, or any other notes that might be relevant to my annual performance review. My anniversary came and went in February but zip, zilch, nada. No mention of a review. No pay increase. What I did have was a memo from the office manager informing me that my portion of my health insurance premium was going to increase by 13%. Holy moly!! So, no review, no raise, nope, a pay cut. GREAT. Just what we need in our household. Brian not working for 2 months now, and less money starting March 31st. Fantastic. Nope, no resentment here. None.

This week, my boss took off for a trip to the West Coast. Tuesday afternoon sometime around 4:30 he asked me what time I was coming in Wednesay. I told him I'd be in by 7:45, since it was not a yoga morning. I was a little leery of that, as the last time I told a boss I'd be in early, I wound up fired shortly thereafter. But, gotta let that go, right? I wound up getting here at 7:45. As sure as God made little green apples, my boss walked through the door at exactly 7:45. I was stunned. I don't think I have ever seen him in that early! After about 10 to 15 minutes, he called me into his office. I went in bringing my Venti with me. What was awaiting me was my performance review. And a nice raise--woo hooo! He was gone by 9am to catch his flight.

Man we needed that. Should more than offset my increased health insurance premium. And if Brian can't manage to keep this job without us going broke putting Chris in a summer program of some sort, fine! Now, all I need to do is interact more with my clients. Oh, and maybe not blog so much during my work day....Yeah, right!



Uncle Phatato said...

Congrats! Wow. What a relief.

As for a "grown-up" Myspace, there IS a place out there for you :) It's called Vox.

Check it out. It's just one more thing to add to your collection.

I think it's owned by Typepad, another blog platform, so it's trustable.

Since I'm a net junkie, I should check it out too.

SOUL: said...

well i feel all caught up with you now.

cept i'm still way behind.

bad blogger. i just can't get caught up. if i comment-- i don't reply. if i reply - i don't comment-- seems i just can't do both anymore.

one day i'll get it together.

good to see ya--


Foster Communications said...

Oh what a relief! I would be going crazy if I saw my file on the boss' desk!
Good for you! I'm sure the raise is well deserved! :)

simonsays said...

Yea for you and your raise! It's wonderful to be appreciated, and more money is the best form of showing appreciation, at least to me.

It sounds like good news all around your place recently. I hope your leg/hip is better.

Yes, I think we all learn the hard way about real-life friends and blogging. Too often, things written here are taken out of context, or maybe not, but I prefer to keep mine to myself, too.

Have a wonderful weekend.

How is the kitty? Hope he's better.

The World According to Me said...

Nice to hear what's going on in your world.
Well done with the pay rise! Could you put in a good word to my boss please, I could do with one too!

Happy weekend! Hopefully not too much cleaning?!

Bridget said...

Oh, sorry to hear about your friend and the blogging incident. I can SO relate. I had done a post a few months ago that totally offended my sister. She didn't talk to me for months.

Bummer about your pay cut. No annual raise for my hubby. I guess in this economy their attitude is "you should be lucky you even have a job."

Kate said...

Good news that you and your friend mended fences a little bit... Did you know she was going to be at that party? Did it make you uncomfortable? I'm awful about that kind of stuff. If I've had an "episode" with someone, I am awkward and miserable in his/her presence for a long time.

SOUL: said...

man i AM slow--
came by to say hi--
and just realized the blog title is a SONG--and one that i LOVE.
just have me commited ok?
save us all. :))

happy weekend-

Maria said...

My sisters all read my blog and I am very, very blunt in my opinions. None of them have ever said a word to me about it, though....

And that is GREAT news about your raise.

Do you ever wish that Christoper had a brother or a sister? I often wish that I could provide one for Liv...and she has mentioned that she would love a sibling. 49, I just don't know if I can go through the baby stage again. I think I was seriously sleep deprived for years.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Congrats about the pay raise ! Woohoo, that's really some good news :)

Well I've to confess, whenever husband mentions about my blog to his friends, I will kick him really hard under the table! Nope, his friends aren't supposed to know about my blog, because I may make fun of them one day. Plus, I'm a scary humourless black-faced housewife in real life, and I want to keep it that way you know! :)

eastcoastdweller said...

I've been on those eggshells -- no fun at all. Hooray for You and that raise!