Friday, February 29, 2008

Yoga and Sleep Deprivation

For those who are sick of hearing about me ramble on about yoga, I totally understand if you click outta here right now!

When I began my practice, I went to a large beautifully appointed studio located in a hotel spa. Because I enjoy a challenge, I attended the level 1/2 classes rather than beginner level 1 classes. The classes were fantastic, and the amenities were second to none, but the experience lacked a personal approach, even if I practiced with the same instructor each time.

The studio I have been attending of late is a small room, with 7 students at most any one time, and as few as 3 of us (I have heard stories of only 1 person present, and the class was still held). I truly do enjoy going. The instructor is the same each time, so not only am I getting to know what my body will now do, will soon be able to do, and won't for be able to even think about another year, but so does he. I am pushed both internally and externally to do more, stretch farther. I love it. I come away from the class with an enormous sense of accomplishment and calm. Calm is no small thing for me. I tend to be a bundle of nerves wound very tightly, waiting to fly apart at any moment (Whew, it took me a moment to make sure I stuck with one metaphor!). After a yoga class, I am calm for the rest of the day, and lately, part of the next. This is a good thing!

Now, I know everything in life is a trade-off. Here's mine right now: If I wish to pursue this activity, I have to get up at 5am, leave the house by 6, take a train to the 7 to 8:15 class, then walk to work and put in my day, then go home, be mom and the mrs, then crash! Right now, I am going to yoga once or twice a week and the gym 2 to 3 times a week. I'm tired!! By Friday, really just weary! I do know that there are many, many people who put in that kind of day or longer, but right now, I am a relative novice, so not only is there a level of fatigue this nigh on 42 year old hasn't known, but some pain as my body is also unaccustomed to this type of intense motion.

Then there is the fact that I am excited about what I am doing, so I talk about it...a LOT. Anyone who knows me would not be surprised to read that. I come home very animated about how I had my butt kicked in class, and either tell or show my boys what we worked on. Christopher always says I can do that, so I show him how, he then tries, and falls apart giggling. I'd like to have him take a kids' yoga class. I think he'd enjoy it. I am far too selfish, and somewhat self conscious to share my yoga class with him. Maybe I can put together a simple routine that we can do together at home. I don't know if that would give him the same benefit I experience, but it would be something we could do together, so it's worth a try. My husband says his back just would not allow that sort of activity without tremendous supervision. So, for now, he'll just leer watch. In the meantime, I just purchased a subscription to The Yoga Journal.

Oh, can anyone tell me WHY in the world yoga gear is so damned expensive?!?!?!



SOUL: said...

if you can get your son to do yoga with you--either at home..or even a separate class-- if he ..and you are willing-- i think that is great!
in a year or two-- he won't want to be sen with you. take advantage of the time together while you can!
and hey-- the healthier the better right?
my girl almost never wants to be seen with me. :(( . and just think-- she could be gone in as soon as four or five years. that scares me a little. they grow so fast!

anyhow-- glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. and your family.
and ya just gotta love it when the hubby gives ya hell eh?

btw-- mine just joined the gym! go soulhub!
if i'da known all it would take was for me to have a seizure-- i wouloda done it a long time ago. :))

i'm just kiddin. i'm kinda sick that way.

happy satahday!

Uncle Phatato said...

Welcome to the club. I've been practicing on and off for about six years now. It's my favorite "sport" because it's all mine and no one I know wants to do it with me, so I get to keep it all to myself (which seems selfish...but oh well).

I also get Yoga Journal. It's an OK's not as practical as I'd like it to be...b/c all the gear and lifestyles are very expensive...

My favorite response from people about yoga is, "you actually do it?" and I go into detail what I can do...

Hazel said...

hello, first time here.

simonsays said...

I think it is SO awesome that you are taking the time and making the sacrifice to do yoga---I know how hard it is to be motivated enough to actually go, and I know just what you mean about the long, tired days. I am a few days from 48, and let me tell you, it doesn't get easier. DO IT NOW, so that later, it will not be doubly hard for you. It's so hard to make the time and energy but it really, really is worth it. Good, GOOD job R! :)

Foster Communications said...

I've done some yoga and love it. I go to community education classes offered just down the street from where I live. I'm looking forward to the spring classes because I'll finally be able to go back. With all of my neck issues I had to leave yoga and now I'll have to step back to the beginning but I think it will be good to get back to it nonetheless.

The Real Mother Hen said...

You're right, the gear is expensive.

I like yoga too :)

eastcoastdweller said...

Oh, You should definitely keep going with this. You may be tired, but it's a good kind of tired, that is good for Your body.

The World According to Me said...

I feel tired just reading how early you've been getting up in the mornings!

Sounds like you are enjoying the yoga benefits though (apart from the tiredness).

I went to yoga about 3 times at my old gym, but stopped due to 'other commitments'. Which was a lame excuse really! But I was planning my wedding at the time, and found Saturday mornings were crucial to sorting things and seeing people.
Maybe I should take it up again?

SOUL: said...

where oh where has our "r" gone to-- did the yoga instructor drag her away???

oh ok.. it's lame-- it's my naptime.. :) but when is it not lately. hmmmm.

anyways-- hope you have a good day today!

simonsays said...

Just checking in on you, everything okay?

Have a good Wednesday. :)

SOUL: said...

me too-- just checkin...

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