Friday, February 01, 2008

She's Got Heart

Yesterday, The World According to Me awarded me the Biggest Heart Award. I always knew I had a big mouth, but a big heart? Thank you, World, it is much appreciated, and proudly displayed in my trophy case.

So, in keeping with tradition, I will now pass this along to a few of my blogging buddies:

Soul Survivor--She has huge heart, probably bigger than she thinks.

Just Eat Your Cupcake--She writes from her heart, and it is sometimes just hilarious.

Foster Communications--I've just met this blog buddy, but I really like her warmth and style.

So, again, thank you for visiting and commenting, as well as for giving me such wonderful places to lurk or visit.



Foster Communications said...

Well gee, thanks! :)
My first award!

eastcoastdweller said...

Well, You certainly deserve it, Rebecca! You've convinced us hillbilly folk that there is indeed good in Gotham.

Rebecca said...

No way would I characterize you as hillbilly, ECD...But if hillbilly is being born in the great Commonwealth, or just having very, very country roots, then, yes, I/we am/are definitely a hillbilly(ies). A fairly well educated hillbilly(ies), but still and all!

My pleasure, Jess!

SOUL: said...

well holy crap R---
how am i supposed to accept this ..NOW?
can i wait a while to ?

i just came over to say hi--thanks.. and of course to say congrats on YOU gettin the award-- i had no idea you had given it to me. thank you. but well.. i do think i should wait a day or two-- or somethin.. don't you?

anyhow-- thanks-- and congrats--
you do have a big heart ..
ps.. my dog is farting.. yes..sushi-- the one that farted on jamie! the first day they met. :))

Rebecca said...

I sent you a note, Soul...


Maria said...

Ah...right back at you, Rebecca....