Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All's Well That Ends Well

Brian came through his angioplasty with flying colors today. They found no new arterial disease or stentosis. No intervention required at this time. Whew! This is the first time he underwent this procedure without having his arteries plumbed and stented. His heart muscle is strong, pumps well, and shows no real damage. In the short term, Brian needs to treat his arm as if it were broken [they used his radial (wrist) artery, rather than his femoral artery]. He is not to allow it to bear any weight at all, and watch for swelling or further discoloration in his hand or arm. In the long term, he needs is to adjust his diet and get some exercise. He goes back to his cardiologist in a few days for follow up.

We had a wonderful RN named Joan. She is such an interesting woman! She is a creative, caring former granola. She lived on some land in Vermont, upon which she built a teepee. She is going to Kenya for vacation where she will do some volunteer work while photographing baby elephants. She is a deeply spiritual woman who reminded Brian that perception can become reality, when it really doesn't need to: Change your perception and you change your reality. She told him that he needn't have to accept imminent demise. I think that was a very important thing for him to hear.

Chris played games of chess with me and with his dad while waiting to be discharged. We laughed, made dark inappropriate jokes, and found other ways to break the tension of the day. I am so proud of Christopher. He is such a strong kid. And wickedly funny, too!

To unwind a little, I will pour a glass of Bordeaux tonight, and to to the gym tomorrow. Until then, thank you for checking in on me, to borrow a phrase from Janelle.



The Real Mother Hen said...

Toast, for good health, and a wonderful family!

PS: I'm really glad to hear about your husband's condition.

JYankee said...

Great News! Enjoy that bordeaux!

Uncle Phatato said...

It's times like these when you really appreciate the more "boring" days in life that seem "ordinary"...

Glad everything went well!

simonsays said...

I'm so happy to hear that all things went well - it is such a nerve wracking place to be, waiting like that. I'll bet his poor arm hurts him for awhile, ohh - that sounds painful. Poor guy.

I know what you mean about perception vs. reality, and I am ever-trying to use it for the positive: see things the way you want them to be, and they will. I know this was not necessarily what you were saying on your post, but it can work both ways. I am always amazed at the differences in myself and perhaps my children - for example - when I say the way I see things and they tell me how they see it, and we are talking about the same thing! I am trying to show them the more positive side or spin and they forever seem stuck in the negative. Again, not exactly what you meant, but it all works together, don't you agree?

Yes, I think a glass of wine and a trip to the gym this morning sounds perfect for stress relief.

Thanks for letting us know whats happening, and again, I am really happy to hear that all things have gone perfectly. :)

Lucy Stern said...

I am so glad that things went well with your husband....It sounds like you had a great nurse, keep what she said in mind. Yes, kids can be pretty resilent.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm so glad for your good news!

It's definitely true that Brian doesn't need to accept any prognosis he doesn't like. The mind is very strong and the body is very obliging once it knows what it is expected to do.

Good luck to you and your family through this very difficult time.

SOUL: said...

happy to hear it-
sounds like a good day-- considering.

really like the reality vs perception thing.
right on.

The World According to Me said...

Good news!

Cheers, and here's to good health!