Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sunset over Manhattan, and Other Tid Bits

Have you noticed? The days are getting longer already! The solstice is not quite a month old, and the amount of daylight gained is already noticeable. That means I can again see the setting sun when I emerge from the East River Tunnel of the N train. The view is from the Queens side of the East River, looking at the East side of Manhattan. The sun sets behind the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building, forming a gorgeous silhouette of the still mighty skyline.

• Bill Richardson dropped out of the presidential race after a 4th place showing in both Iowa and New Hampshire. I would have liked to hear more from him, as his experience in government is vast. Along with his stint as governor of New Mexico, he was a congressman, energy secretary and ambassador to the UN. He is clearly intelligent, but in the debates in New Hampshire, he almost looked bored. Maybe that isn't the right term...not fully engaged, perhaps. I think, even if he couldn't win, he could have influenced the dialog. But I think this will be another "It's The Economy, Stupid" election that got the first Clinton in the White House. Not saying Hillary will win, but I think that the economy will be the deciding issue.

• I took a day trip with my boss up to New Hampshire to visit our biggest client. I think they are happy with us a vendor, they just wanted to pressure us on cost. So, for the second time in two years, we adjusted our pricing downward, contingent on them giving us more business. We'll see. But having your biggest client sing your praises to your boss right before review time does not suck!

And let me tell you, not all rental cars are created equal! We would up driving into a snow squall and found out that our windshield wipers were HORRIBLE. The car went from not bad to a freaking hazard in no time!

• I just read a very interesting article from a link on the site: How She Learned to Stop Hating Her Mother. Good article, though I wish it was longer. The story seemed too encapsulated to be completely satisfying. That said, it slowed me down a little. One day I will write an entry about my experience with my mother.

• A good friend of mine was scratched by his cat recently. She is a playful beastie, but she doesn't realize that her claws are rather sharp. Trav didn't think much of the scratch at the time, other than to angrily shoo the cat away. Turns out that the scratch gave him a case of sepsis. After some research, I found out that cat scratches can cause this along with meningitis and encephalitis. YIKES. I've owned cats my entire life, and like Travis, thought nothing of getting scratched. I will certainly make sure to wash up and treat any and all nicks from this point forward.



SOUL: said...

i have not noticed longer days.. but then, i don't notice a lot of things.
i did notice you visited me today though-- i just haven't answered you yet-- but i will in a sec.. making my rounds first...

as for the cat scratch thing-- i thought everyone knew that-- bites are even more serious... but that is a post all it's own... i have quite a tale to tell...
but of course every time i say that to someone-- i forget about it, and never post it.. except the biker bar story-- and that was cuz for some reason-- it got everybodys interest and i was reminded almost daily to post it--- until i did.
so anyhow--
good to see a post again...
happy satahday---
and a day in the 30s this time of year in NY-- does not sound bad at all.
it was about that--- if not less in march a few years ago when we went out there.
MARCH.. i was so flamin mad about that. i may never get to go back..and all my memories are about freezin, bein ill on pain killers--cuz of teeth probs.. and oh nevermind-- it just coulda been better.

have a good day

simonsays said...

I would love to live in such a powerful place - your description of the skyline at sunset is quite beautiful.

I didn't know that cat scratches could cause that, either!

Good luck with your job review although it sounds like you don't need it.

Have a good weekend Rebecca!

eastcoastdweller said...

Rebecca, I love how you find such beauty and reminders of the cycle of the seasons in Your big, busy city!

JYankee said...

ooh i like that photo of the NY skyline... but i dont know about the days getting longer...but then we dont have time change every day seems the same..LOL

Maria said...

Another reason not to own a cat....

And, hey...I wonder how many of us have stories that need to be told about our mothers. My big wish is that Liv will NEVER have a terrible story/stories about me that will shake her to the core. I have so, so many.

The World According to Me said...

I love your picture.

I didn't know that about cat scratches! Oh hang on a minute, I haven't got a cat so I'm not going to worry my tiny mind too much. Hmmm, I've just thought, my friend has one and he has remarkably long claws....

Bah said...

Gorgeous picture!

Thanks for the link to that terrific article.

"I am me now, and I think that makes me free"

I held my breath a little when I read that quote. Powerful.

Anonymous said...

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