Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Little Brother Turned Forty!

I had no issue with my fortieth birthday. But my younger brother turning forty is quite another matter. I don't think it bothers me for my own sake. I think it is more that HE'S forty, and not taking very good care of himself.

I called Charles yesterday morning to wish him a happy birthday. He sounded completely wired at 9:30am Eastern, or 8:30 Central, his time zone. He told me he called out of work for the past two days because his milestone birthday was coming up, and he wanted to party. Was nothing, he said. Just drank a bit, smoked some grass and did some drugs. Ah, shit. His drug of choice is crystal meth. Note to Charlie: you are no longer twenty. You can't party like a rock star anymore. He swears it was a one time thing to celebrate. That he has no intention of going down the addiction, sell all he has for it road again. God, I hope so. For his sake. For the sake of his three children and his wife. Lord knows I am no saint. I love a glass of wine too many on occasion. But I don't get this...


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The Real Mother Hen said...

From what I heard about meth, I shiver after reading this.