Monday, November 12, 2007

Introducing....The Silver Bullet!

My husband really, really liked our old car. As you might remember, our little Ford Escort Wagon was wrecked on 12 September. When we had it hauled away by Kars for Kids, Brian and I were both a little weepy. We have since settled with the insurance company, and spent about a month looking for a new car. Brian wanted another 1998 Ford Escort Wagon, and got one. This one has around 81,000 miles on it, but runs as well as our first one did when it had 27,000 miles on it!

Brian brought her home yesterday afternoon. He had to travel all the way to Scranton, PA to pick her up. We know the dealer through a good friend, so trusted that the car was in fine shape, and would serve us well. In what can only have been inspired by his sense of the ironic, Brian named this car Patience. With that in mind, we decided that if this car is Patience, then surely our old one was Fortitude. Since our first car was more commonly known as the Green Machine, I nicknamed this one the Silver Bullet.

The time between cars has been valuable to us. Since we live in Queens, a car isn't an absolute necessity—we lived very will without one for 7 years. You can walk just about anywhere you need to go, or take mass transit. Heavy loads of groceries can be delivered, etc. Since September, Brian has walked the mile or so to work each day, and it has been very good for him. He now fits into those 38" trousers, and is very happy about it. He has told our son that they will continue to walk to school as well, unless the weather is particularly bad.

I am already contemplating summer beach outings. Brian is planning a trip to Ohio to visit with his mother. Boy Scout outings. Trips to Target. Oh, the places we will go!