Monday, October 01, 2007

The Weekend That Was

Well, this family did everything it could to send September out in style! There was beautiful weather, baseball, a deposit into the karmic bank account, drankin', meeting, and a faire. HAH!

Friday afternoon I left the office early to take my son to out to Shea Stadium. It was the Mets' final home stand of the year against the Marlins. Well, I believe most know how THAT worked out. Dammit! I mean really, WTF?!?!?! Seems that an investigation is in order for the monumental collapse that we witnessed. I'm thinking they HAD to have thrown the season.

Saturday morning was gorgeous. We were up very early to get all the chores done. We were expecting a visit from a lady who was raised in the apartment where we now reside. She lives in Maryland, and hadn't been back to this neighborhood in over 40 years. Who can blame her? She lost both of her parents within a couple of years of each other when she lived here. Accompanying her up 4 flights of stairs, and back 40 years time was her sister-in-law, a cousin and an old friend of her parents. We set up coffee and pastry, and gave her free rein of the house. For about an hour, they reminisced, teared up and took pictures. It was really interesting to hear what the neighborhood was like back in the early to mid sixties.

As these women were coming in, Chris was leaving for a birthday party for his buddy, at whose house he wound up spending the night. A distant relative of my husband's, Ryan, lives in our spare bedroom. He had a woman spend the night with him. As long as everything is discrete, I don't mind. He is 25, as is his lover. I got to spend time with her Saturday afternoon while my son was doing his thing and my husband was at work. Nice girl. Damn, 25 is young! Ryan came home around 7 or so, Brian came home around 9 bringing with him an old friend. There was lots of wine and laughs.

Sunday morning was absolutely beautiful. Bright sunshine, clear blue sky, light breeze. I got up early and hung over. I really don't understand why I felt the need to be out of bed at 8am! That said, after Brian went to work, Chris, Citarra and I got our acts together enough to leave the house by 11:30 or so to go to the New York Renaissance Faire held every year at Fort Tryon Park. A forty minute ride on the A train to 190th Street, and you'd never know you were in Manhattan. There are high cliffs overlooking the Hudson with a view of the palisades on the New Jersey side, wooded paths and grassy clearings. The Cloisters, a castle-like branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is up there as well. Perfect location for a Medieval Festival. There were jugglers, jousters, an actual blacksmith, falconers, dueling, the whole nine yards. We had a great time.

I topped it off with a homemade lasagna for supper. Trying to top that next weekend is a tall order, but at least We'll have 3 days to give it a shot!

Update on the Houston situation: NONE. I wonder how much information one can legally glean about a prospective employee without their having given actual consent. I sent a note by email outlining questions and plans last Thursday, resent it today, and have heard butkus. Nada. Zip, Zero, Zilch. Oh well. Onward.



SOUL: said...

sounds busy, and very very cool out your way.
good luck on the job..hope you hear something soon.

JYankee said...

sucks about zilch info on the job...i hope they will be offering something soon... sounds like a good way to bring in october.. and the mets... you're right.. WTF???

The World According to Me said...

Wow, sounds like you had a fun, memorable weekend. I enjoyed reading all about it.

I hope you hear something with regards to the job soon.

Bridget said...

Sounds like quite a weekend. Good luck with the job situation. Homemade lasagna.....YUM!! I am so lazy I just buy the Stouffers lasagna these days.

seagrape said...

how sweet, welcoming that lady in your home (^.^)

Rebecca said...

Bridget, you are soooo not lazy. I'm a showoff, I confess, AND I like to cook. And then there's the leftovers!

Seagrape, I really enjoyed meeting her, but for the life of me I cannot remember her name!!

Lainey-Paney said...

Followed you over from maria's page.

...that sounds like a fabulous & fun weekend!


Maria said...

I'm chuckling here...because there I was sitting back in my chair and reading your blog and I was at the part where you were talking about getting to know Ryan's girlfriend and for some odd reason at first reading, I thought her name was DAMN. I thought to myself that well, you probably meant to put a w instead of an m and went on. I went back to it and realized my mistake...

You meant that Damn, 25 is young. Not, Dawn, 25, is young....:)

I think I need a nap...