Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Guess I Went Dark for a While

So, where exactly did October go? Seems to have flown by while I wasn't looking! Then again, I must confess I have buried myself under the proverbial covers for a while now. When I am hurting, I don't reach out, talk or write. I retreat. But I don't want to dwell on that...Instead, a brief rundown of the month that was:

• Christopher joined the Boy Scouts. His school was visited by a local troop in late September. New member night was held 3 October, so we went. He liked it enough to stick with it. Now all we have to do is work with him to organize his priorities so that he can fit this in his schedule. His first outing was to a haunted house with his troop mates. Family night was held on the 24th, where he received his patrol patch and scout coin. His first weekend camping trip is coming up mid November.

• I was sought out by a recruiter in my industry, had several very interesting phone interviews. In the end, it came to naught, but it was a very positive experience. Still no word from Houston, so safe to say that lead is dead in the water.

• I joined a gym as an actual paying member. The facility is near Chris' scout meeting place, so I drop him off and then go sweat. It's a great thing! I love that this place is not just a meat market, full of uber fit men and women hooking up, but all shapes and sizes. These folks are serious about their workout. Plenty of equipment, no lines, no time limits. Weekend yoga classes. What's not to love. I think Brian wants to join as well, once he has a car available to him.

• I went on a one day there and back trip to Detroit to do a presentation that will hopefully not only help us retain the current business, but garner more. It was a publisher with some 50 titles, at least two thirds of which could go digital. We already handle 5 of their titles--more than any of our competitors, except their own in house solution.

• Brian is continuing to feel better about walking. Nearly fits a 38 waist pants!! Very exciting. He is also scouting out a new car, as fall has finally decided to come and stay a while in the Northeast.

• We celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. We both took the day off from work, and then went out to a wonderful dinner, just the two of us. Chris spent the night with a friend, so we were able to have a leisurely evening.

• Ryan's relationship with Citerra seems to be getting serious. She's brought her kids over to our house. Ryan is awesome with them. My husband was completely enamored of her daughter, Ellie. She's 3 and just as cute as a button. Christopher, not knowing WHAT to make of 2 tiny kids running around, retreated to his room to read.

• First trimester progress reports came home. Chris is doing OK...needs some help with prioritizing a much heavier workload. The good news is that his math grades are much better this year. We are getting in gear for high school. Good God!

• Brian is enjoying his work with the school much more this year, as he is no longer on the executive board of the parent/teacher organization. In fact, our anniversary fell on the same night as the school's Halloween Bash, and we could just leave! Imagine that :)

I am sure my dark cloud will lift. It will just take some work. So many unresolved issues lingering from summertime. Can't believe all this time has gone by without visiting, really visiting with some of the women I was closest with. I didn't think these things happened to seemingly together adults...thought it was a thing of the adolescent past. Guess I should have known better, because I really didn't think I'd make the best friends of my life so deep into my 30s. Thought that was the province of one's adolescence and twenties. You live, you learn, yes?



SOUL: said...

well... it's good to see you alive and still kickin. nice update... you've been busier than you let yourself believe . not all the way under the covers, just partially---so that's alright.

glad things are somewhat ok for you, and i do hope they improve where they need to.

take care.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Rebecca

Good to have you back!
I have been hoping that everything is okay in your world.
Does sound like you have been busy. Although I am sorry to hear about the black cloud. I'm sure it will lift soon, and I hope it's sooner than you think.

SOUL: said...

just sayin hi... and lettin ya know you haven't been forgot about!

i've been under the covers for too long myself... somehow, i seem to find my way out eventually.
you will too.
just hang in there.


seagrape said...

hi! so happy to see you back.
wishing you all good things...i hope you feel better soon. xo

Kate said...

Yay! Glad you're back. I hope you're finding some clarity.

Maria said...

Sometimes we all just need to sit back and think for awhile. I tend to NOT let myself go into a retreat and that is so unhealthy. Stopping to recharge is important or our bodies sort of take over and force us to sit up and listen, I've found.

Glad you are back. Hold on. Everything settles back on itself eventually.

JYankee said...

Yeah glad you're back and hope to see you back to your regular blogging self soon!

Kate said...

I'm back. Just checking on you.

eastcoastdweller said...

Welcome back, Rebecca! In spite of the challenges to which You alluded, it looks as if You have much to celebrate in Your life. Atta Girl!

...Kat said...

when I was a child, I thought that adults were these great exalted beings.... as an adult now myself and looking about from this perspective, I see that I was in error... we are all still very young, very much still as a child at times, holding on to what is petty and childish more than we should....

I heard you had been away... let me as well welcome you back
and congratulations to all the good news and that 17!