Friday, September 28, 2007


It has been a busy week and a half in my part of the world, leaving me with little time or energy to update my ramblings....

The school year is fully underway with regular exams, standardized exams, demerits, detention and the annual harangue by our Monsignor for being horrible, permissive, atheistic parents. Oh, joy. He just doesn't understand that the reason most of the parent population stays away from the church is because they want to stay away from HIM! This man actually put the kibosh on a lucrative event because my husband, a member of the executive board that does the planning, doesn't go to church. Let's not mention the fact that he is the most active member of the board, giving of his time and talents in a truly Christian way. He speaks ill of no one. His only faults are occasional stubbornness and, of course, the aforementioned atheistic (though really more agnostic) tendencies. My husband is incensed, and I share his indignation. I don't think I have ever known a more judgmental or bitter Catholic in all my life than our intrepid Pastor. (We won't mention some of the more conservative stances of the church that I just cannot get behind. My son is there because it is a small school.)

As mentioned in a previous post, I am unsure stability of my current employer: One source of our funding is becoming increasingly difficult to secure, reorganization is under serious consideration, and many mid to large capacity publication printers have added digital edition production and distribution to their back ends. This move makes a lot of sense. Publishers can take advantage of economy of scale, as well as save some valuable time. This piece of news came from a major client of ours who has their print contract out for bid right now. Every bid is coming in with digital edition pricing in addition to their print production and distribution pricing. Losing this client would put our company's viability in serious jeopardy.

With that in mind, I went to my favorite job boards, and submitted several resumes. Since I want to get back on the publishing side of the fence, I went after circulation director positions. On a lark, I submitted a resume to a Houston based company. That was a Wednesday the 12th. The following Monday I received a call from their CFO, with whom I met for lunch that Wednesday. Sunday, I took a call form their Director of Publishing Operations, and set up a lunch date with him for the following day, Monday. Both meetings went very well. Tuesday evening, while trying NOT to think about any of this, and just prepare supper and help my son study for 3 exams he had the following day, I received a phone call from said Director saying he wants to offer me the job. For those keeping score, submitted resume, had two interviews and a job offer within 12 days.

My head is absolutely spinning. Do we want to move to Houston? What is involved? Timing? Well, of course, they want me to start as soon as humanly possible. When to visit? How to negotiate such a huge thing? I think the only thing I know for sure is that I am prepared to refuse any offer that is not completely advantageous to my family. Hell, I don't have the means to pull up stakes and move down the block, much less to Houston! How will my husband adjust? My son? Well, his latest question was do they have rodeos? I said, "Duh, it's TEXAS!" He just laughed.

I sent an email to the Director of Publishing Operations outlining a few questions and concerns yesterday the 27th. I am literally sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for a response. This man is a new hire at the company, recruited from Chicago. If anyone would understand the magnitude of the change, it would be him. His wife is high on the food chain for a major business to business publishing house with a toddler, and another on the way.

We are adjusting to being carless for the moment. The weather, thankfully, has held. We donated the carcass to a charity benefiting kids. My husband cried when they towed it away. Negotiations with the insurance company continue. Given the current situation, we haven't made any decisions on what to do about a car yet. We will probably wait until all the Texas dust settles. Then, I think I will get my driver's license, at long last.



SOUL: said...

holy cow! no wonder we haven't seen you .
phew, made my head spon readin that!

texas eh? then what we do about sports events? hmmm

rodeos.. heck ta..mesquite, isn't far from here.. one of the biggest and best out this way. but of course we haven't been to one, but we do watch on tv sometimes.

anyhow.. i do hope EVERYTHING falls in place for all of you!

JYankee said...

Yes you've been thru some life changing situations or about to be I say.. good luck!!!! I hope it all works out for ya!

Random Magus said...

Good luck. Hope you find the answers and everything works out for the best!

Maria said...

My cousin lives in Houston and loves it.....

Good luck?

seagrape said...

that's big news. good luck! it's not easy to leave new york.

SOUL: said...

i wouldn't want to "live" in new york. i know some ppl love it
but i guess i'm just a redneck
i would love to back to NY to visit.. when it's warm.... but to live there... the crowds alone would kill me!


eastcoastdweller said...

You have been slightly busy. lol

But good things are happening.

Texas could be a lot of fun for you. Fields of blue bonnets and great barbecue, to name a few.

I hope that You get the job!

SOUL: said...

ECD.. don't forget about the bass fishin! :))

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ohhh... we are in similiar boat. The company which my husband works for, thought promised to death they wouldn't fill chapter 11, they did, last week.
So every option is on the table now...
PS: Houston isn't a bad place to live though :) and good luck!

Uncle Phatato said...

Wow. My head is spinning just reading that. How amazing.