Friday, August 10, 2007

The List

I found this list on several blogs lately, and thought it an interesting idea. Almost as much fun as Eight Random Facts, but a lot more thought provoking. So, without further ado:

I know ~ that life is good.

I believe ~ that I will continue to evolve.

I fought ~ bitterly with my mother.

I am angered ~ by dishonesty or deception.

I love ~ my family and friends.

I need ~ to run like hell sometimes.

I take ~ most things in stride.

I hear ~ music and it carries me to a different place.

I drink ~ a lot of red wine and whiskey.

I hate ~ monotony.

I use ~ nothing harmful.

I want ~ to see where my spirit can take me.

I decided ~ I would not be a fat immobile old lady.

I’m entirely ~ too defensive.

I like ~ walking in the rain with no umbrella.

I am ~ responsible.

I feel ~ very alone sometimes.

I left ~ a corrosive relationship with my mother behind.

I do ~ have really good intentions.

I hope ~ to sit and have a drink with my son when he is 25 and hear his take on life the universe and everything.

I dream ~ of that which haunts me.

I drive ~ some people up the wall!

I listen ~ to what is NOT said.

I type ~ sloppily.

I think ~ way to damned much.

I wish ~ I could see how it all turns out.

I compensate ~ my occasional lack of substance with style.

I regret ~ not seeing my father before he died.

I care ~ about the world I am leaving behind for my children and grandchildren.

I should ~ know better.

I said ~ I would do it, and so I did or will. Almost always.

I wonder ~ if I am good enough.

I changed ~ my outer appearance.

I am not always ~ strong.

I cry ~ when faced with any strong emotion or loss.

I am ~ unabashedly myself.

I am not ~ mean spirited.

I lose ~ my nerve too easily.

I leave ~ an impression, one way or the other!



SOUL: said...

this is really cool! good to get to know you better. i like your answers. good job!
and happy friday

The World According to Me said...

Hi Rebecca

Great answers. And a very good way to get to know someone.

Sorry to read the I regret part.

Have a nice weekend. Glass of red?!

Rebecca said...

Thanks, Soul.

Yes, World, definitely will enjoy some vin rouge when I get home from the gym tonight!

Bridget said...

Great post. I am sure that took a lot of thought and time.

The Real Mother Hen said...

What a great list! I may want to steal this from you one day, but some of them aren't as easy as they seem though...

Rebecca said...

Bridget, it did take more time than I thought it would when I started!

Mother Hen, gotta tell you, some of these were NOT easy at all. And I couldn't decide whether to be serious or a smartass!

Epimenides said...

I too -like walking in the rain with no umbrella.
I too - think way too much.
I too - wonder if I'm good enough.
I too - lose my nerve too easily.

Loved this post rebecca! Thank you for sharing!
btw, did you see my reply on who Diogenes of Sinope was?
Have a great weekend!!! :)

JYankee said...

Hey Rebecca...

Look at the trend Soul started! Ripped it off from her blog originally... god knows where she found it..! Good answers... really. having some red tonight or something on the rocks?? Ha ha... have a good weekend!

eastcoastdweller said...


You are ... good enough.

Hope the impression You leave is occasionally a nice red lipstick mark! (o:

Blur Ting said...

It's a very honest post. I like this one:
I hope ~ to sit and have a drink with my son when he is 25 and hear his take on life the universe and everything.

I'll do this with my sons on day. Thanks for bringing this up.