Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm Outta Sorts!

It's only Wednesday, and I feel like I've been run over by a freight train! I'm just exhausted in every way imaginable, so my patience level is down around zero. So, today, I think I'm gonna indulge myself and rant about the idiocy of the general public, myself included.

Idiotic Incident The First

I absolutely HATE littering. Completely unnecessary, gross, ignorant, inconsiderate and beyond all excuse. I don't think it has ever occurred to me to leave my detritus in the world. My son certainly knows better. This morning I ran into a bunch of twenty something year old idiots who decided that they should unwrap their breakfast sandwich on 35th Street, and toss the wrapper and the bag it came in on the sidewalk! Seeing as how I am in such a FINE mood this morning, I said out loud, "Why the FUCK would you DO that?!?!?!" All 4 or 5 of them turned around to gawk at the crazy beotch who addressed them in this manner. Did I leave it alone? NOOOOOOOO. Went on to call them fucking pigs. They probably had themselves a good chuckle, or hurled an insult or two in my direction. I couldn't hear them, as I was jamming to Montgomery Gentry on my iPod.

I am sooooo not going to tell my husband about this little drama, as he is convinced that I'm going to get myself killed one of these days mouthing off to the wrong crowd. But really, I'd be willing to bet their mammas taught them better than that!

Idiotic Incident The Second

When I was a child, and became frustrated trying to do something, my grandmother would tell me, "Rebecca, there is always more than one way to skin a cat." While a gross visual, the concept is an important one. If you are trying to accomplish something and your first method doesn't work, try another method!! The guy who does the billing for my company about blew a freaking gasket when his first choice report didn't yield the results he expected. Rather than choosing to look at a different report that actually gave the same information, albeit in a slightly different format, he chose to butt heads with absent data. Even AFTER being presented with a workaround! I gave him the figures from an alternate source, then queried the tech staff as to why the preferred report wasn't functioning properly. They corrected the mistake, problem solved. But only after frustration level was ramped up to a ridiculous level.

To compound matters, he he couldn't seem to stop trying to look down my shirt the entire time he was having his hissy fit!!!

Idiotic Incident The Third

This should be filed under Reading is Fundamental. A new client of mine just received her first invoice. She, very reasonably, got out her contract Schedule A and compared it to said invoice. She then picked up the phone and called me with her questions. Which she then proceeded to answer on her own while reading her contract to me. This is by far the most benign idiotic incident, as it really didn't arouse my ire in any way, it just made her feel silly. Eh, her dime!

Thank God I am taking the next two days off from work! Maybe I'm just hormonal, but I need some extra sleep and some stress relief. I am envisioning a bottle of vin rouge, a mani/pedi and a hot tub. Two out of three's gonna have to do, as there is no hot tub in sight!



eastcoastdweller said...

May You get the rest and indulgence that You deserve, and feel better soon!

The Real Mother Hen said...

I'm so with you on #1, I absolutely HATE littering and would have screamed at the group too! Oh sleeping sounds good... hope you do get some good sleep over the next 2 days.

Rebecca said...

ECD, thank you. I'm sure I will. I can't stay in such a state for long :)

MH, I really do need to watch my Ps and Qs in the street though. I think a trip to the gym, followed by a glass of wine and some chocolate will do a world of good.

Sorry for all the whining! It really is kind of silly considering the REAL problems in the world. Just need a time out.

eastcoastdweller said...

Whining is to act like a baby demanding one's own way regardless of others' feelings.

Addressing social concerns as You have, is not whining. Letting off steam is what a blog is for. I can only speak for myself but "sorry" is not a word that I feel You need to say in closing this post. (o:

Epimenides said...

Hey rebecca! Sounds like you need you mani/pedi and wine treatment. Though I haven't got anyone at work looking down my shirt, I know what you mean about littering!
Picture this! Driving down the motorway, and the driver in the front car winds the window down and tosses out a grocery bag full of rubbish! Classy isn't it?

JYankee said...

Rebecca,, I know JUST how u feel. I can actually post a few of those my self... Why are there so many idiotic people in the world??? post. Ha... You might have just inspired me! Especially the 3rd one... WTH were you thinking when you called???... am i right?

Rebecca said...

Well, I'd look down your shirt, Epi ;) And does that really happen in Greece? Dump a trash bag out of a moving car? WOW.

Hey, Yankee. Glad to be of inspiration :) Yeah, the phone call with the client was just the cherry!

Blur Ting said...

Bravo! On the first one. I get so worked up too when I see all these trash at the park bench early in the morning. I mean the huge trash can is just a hand stretch away. What's with these people?

Once, Mother Hen's hubby was so furious when he saw this guy throw a plastic bag into the sea at the jetty, he confronted him the same way you did to the group of boys. That guy was just terrified!

But really, we need more people like you around to drive home the message! But stay safe!

Rebecca said...

Hi, Blur! It just makes me crazy to see people do that! I had a girl friend who used to unwrap a pack of cigarettes and throw the plastic on the sidewalk even after watching me walk to the garbage can to dispose of mine. After some time, she took the hint.

I think the people who habitually litter never went camping, and had to put everything away to keep pests, including bears away!

The World According to Me said...

Hi Rebecca

Two of my pet hates are indeed littering (imagine if everyone thought that was acceptable, the world would be one smelly mess) and men looking down your top (how rude is that).

I hope you have a much needed relaxing break. Wine and pampering always does the trick for me. Cheers!

eastcoastdweller said...


Please delete this comment of mine entirely if You find it offensive, and I will fully understand and I will not have any hard feelings.

I hesitated to even write it.

First of all, I am a committed environmentalist. I never litter, never even drop a gum wrapper. I recycle. I ocassionally pick up and dispose of others' improperly discarded trash. I've written a column for the local paper praising some stranger whom I espied picking up trash in the city.

I taught my little brother and later my best friend not to litter.

Soo...it makes no sense at all but it is a fact of my existence that I DON'T hate Ladies who litter. I have found it inexplicably appealing since I was a kid. Way back on my blog, I had a post about this. That is as deep as I will go into it here.

Thankfully, I appear to be in a minority. I've only met maybe a handful of other people in my entire life who feel this way, but they do exist.

Just thought You might appreciate an unusual, tormented but very sincere comment to this topic.

Rebecca said...

Hi, World. A couple days away should help my outlook considerably, thanks!

East, I always appreciate sincere or self revelatory comments, and your esteem of women is admirable. However, your enjoyment of them engaging in marginal or unacceptable behaviors is um, confusing to say the least.

eastcoastdweller said...

Tell me about it! It's confusing to me, too.

Perhaps I should look at it as a personal flaw that I should seek to correct.

eastcoastdweller said...

Rebecca, I didn't have the right to intrude into this discussion in the first place and turn it all off balance. I am sorry. Please delete my comments if you wish. I respect You very much and humbly invite You to visit my blog to wrap up this discussion, because I am disturbed that You seem to be disturbed.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Way to go on the litterbugs. I can't stand it when people just throw things on the ground. What does the sidewalk look like, a garbage can?

Grab a mani/pedi at the very least this weekend. You deserve it!

Epimenides said...

You make me blush rebecca! So v-necks for me from tomorrow!!! ;)

Yes it does! Not the big bin bags, but smaller super market type ones. Thankfully not very frequently though).

SOUL: said...

hi rebecca!!! long time no see. are you avoiding me? i hope not.
anyhow... i have been away, then since, trying to catch up..with myself, my life, and everything around me.
but here i am, now trying to catch up with you.

i too hate littering... male/female...no difference... i always see that poor ole indian from the old commercial crying while looking at the river all crapped up. then of course i think of my wonderful fish, and how they too suffer. i'm not some overboard environmentalist, but i don't go for the blatant tossing of trash either. i'm proud of you for speaking up like you did. but hubby's right...you don't really live in a place that is safe to do that. be careful.

also... about the "more than one way to skin a cat" thing.
i gotta tell ya something. i went close to 40 years with the image of a CAT, being skinned...and wondering WHY the hell would anyone skin a damned cat... and why would there be one way...much less MORE than one way...
THEN it dawned on me...
they speak of CAT-FISH!
really... there is more than one way to skin a cat fish! less dramatic now? i hope so!

i hope you are feeling better. hope to see ya around.
have a great friday!

Rebecca said...

Hi, Soul. I am feeling MUCH better, thank you, and NO, sooo not avoiding you :) Just been busy!! I am way behind on my blog reading, that is for sure. I'll be over to your part of the world shortly...

Really, that expression derives from skinning catFISH? that's very interesting!! Not to mention much more palatable to this cat person. But I doubt my Irish/German, Brooklyn born grandmother would have every laid her mits on a cat fish!

SOUL: said...

yes it does really refer to the catfish. and surely you don't think shed rather skin a real cat? she meant the fish. feel better? :))
i sure did when i finally figured it out!