Monday, June 04, 2007

I Got Hosed

My son just lost 2 teeth recently--bottom canine and first bicuspid. For the most part Daddy plays the tooth fairy, since he is generally up later than I am. Last night, he forgot. When my son got up this morning, he came to our room and said, "guess what I got from the tooth fairy?"

Knowing he gets a buck or two for incisors, and a few more for a molar, I jokingly said, "what? A quarter?"




"Well, what?"

With a look of complete disbelief he said, "Hosed, I got hosed." Then he turned on his heel and went into the shower. His delivery was spectacular. Jaded. Funny. The look I shot my husband should have left him dead in his tracks.



Bridget said...

That is too funny! I found you on Marty's site. I am a good friend of Marty's son and daughter-in-law and my dad is neighbors with Marty.

rp said...

Hi, Bridget. I found Marty's blog quite by accident, but it is one I like to check in on! Thanks for your visit!!


David said...

My daughter can't wait to loose her first tooth. Suddenly I'm having anxiety attacks about possibly forgetting to play tooth fairy. Crap, this parenting stuff is hard. Go easy on daddy, he probably feels terrible. :)

rp said...

Last night, just after the news, and before I turned the light out, I woke my husband up to see if he had swapped the canines for cash. 11:30--pretty safe to say the 11 year old is asleep!! Guilt netted the kid 10 bucks! I sense a trip to the comic book store.

And just to add to your anxiety, once, Chris lost his tooth down the drain while brushing his teeth. He was about 8 or so and devastated! So, we made a construction paper tooth, and placed it under his pillow. Tooth fairy came in the form of a buck or so for the tooth, and we had our neighbor pen a don't worry about it note for him. Still have it.

Kate said...

Oh, yeah...

This happened to us the last time my daughter lost a tooth. I thought he'd done it...he thought I'd done it.

I made it up to my daughter by "calling" the tooth fairy to let her know she'd missed one, and to arrange a special pick-up for the following night. (Geeze! The pressure.)

Dwight said...

Hmmmm... Cash for naturally disconnected body parts. I need a hair fairy.

Even if I'm only compensated a fraction of the tooth fairy's "per part" payment plan for each hair, I should be independently wealthy now.

Your son's sentiment is apt for my present condition. Yet, it's only going to get worse. I suppose I got hosed, too. What's more, I don't see a forthcoming apology in my future, nor payment with compounded interest.

But, just in case - any donors?

(Thanks for posting on my blog, rp!)