Monday, June 18, 2007

Great Night for Baseball!

Post season little league ROCKS! Christopher's team, the Orioles, won their first round game. It is a single elimination tournament, so it's win or go home. They beat the Yankees 3-2. Chris struck out twice, but took a sweet swing. Timing and mechanics all good--he just missed. He got a slew of hits during practice though, so he knows he can do it. All our big hitters came through, and the kids turned in some defensive gems.

Since it is a win or go home situation, I think it puts a lot of stress on some of these kids. Our third baseman, a wiry kid named Keith had a Yankee caught in a rundown between home and third. Now, the longer these things go on, the greater the probability it won't end well. It didn't. Keith made an errant throw, the tying run scored. He came back to the dugout crushed. The O's came up to bat, staged a rally, and got a run across. 2 out. Keith comes up to bat. Struck out. That poor kid was devastated. Just in tears. Our coaches are great guys, and did all they could to build this kid back up. He got back out on the field, played a mean rest of the game.

Next round is Thursday against the ICYP Mets. I am so proud of every one of these kids.

Oh, and the New York Mets won tonight. I went out to Shea after Chris' game with a girlfriend of mine. They kicked the snot out of the Twins.



David said...

WoooooHooooooooooo! Awesome! The vibes are still going out, and apparently they did some service for the Mets too. Excellent.

I see a victory party in the near future. :)

Uncle Phatato said...

Keep enjoying that summer time sport! I think I'm going to join DAvid with some good vibrations.

Epimenides said...

rp I've taken the liberty of tagging you for "8 random facts about me"