Wednesday, June 27, 2007

8 Random Facts About RP

So, I've been tagged by Epimenides to provide 8 random facts. Since both Epimenides and Foul Bastard are such witty writers, I feel a bit intimidated.....but here it goes.

1. Timeliness. I am obsessively punctual. I hate being late, I hate when someone else is late. Just bad form, in my opinion. I know that makes me sound uptight, but really, I'm not...only about this.

2. The Whole Age Thing. Upon approaching, turning, and passing 40 years of age, life really changed. I started writing, stopped smoking, lost weight and began enjoying myself. Quite a relief, since I was a complete nerd in high school and college :)

3. Balance. For the most part, I am an optimist. Things will always get better. There is always something good to come out of every bad thing. That said, I also believe that everything in life is a trade off. In every bit of joy, there is either a titch of pain, or there will be. Must be my pagan tendencies.

4. My Aching Feet. I have NEVER worn a pair of shoes that didn't give me huge blisters the first time I wore them. Ever. Including today, when I was going to wear a stunning pair to an interview lunch. I wore them around the house, the shoe store, etc., and all was well. Wore them to work today, and blisters!!! Glad I had the sense to bring a back up pair! OUCH, dammit!!!

5. Work/Life. I work because I have to. No overarching passion to do what I do, or anything else for that matter, just recognition that I need to have an income to get along...I ditch work at every possible opportunity. I NEVER stay past 5pm, unless I am meeting someone after work to do something fun--gym, belly dance class, yoga, kid's ballgame, upper East Side pub get the idea.

6. Winning attitude. I am, I have discovered, one hell of a competitor. Had I a healthy self esteem as a kid, I would have gone out for sports, but I was afraid of failing. I like to compete physically and/or vicariously through others. So, I will play with all I've got, and root for my team with all I've got. My neighbors have definitely heard me screaming at my TV when watching a Mets game. Or an Ohio State game. Or a Jets game. Or the Olympics. There is usually swearing involved.

7. Mmmmm Chrome. I really, really like big trucks. I have been known to really dig Trick My Truck on CMT. Love 'em. Peterbilts are my favorite. And I like motorcycles (won't ride, just drool). You gotta know that Harley'd be my fave...

8. Loves Music, Loves to Dance. I am not a club chick at all!! I like shit kickin' cowboy bars or Irish pubs with kick ass jukeboxes. Play me some rock-n-roll, old disco, or a little country, and I'm gonna dance. How can you keep still listening to the Talking Heads? Why would you want to????? Love my husband, but if he won't dance, I will find me someone who will. He, thankfully, understands, and is happy to be excused. One of the freest forms of self expression is to just get out there and shamelessly shake your moneymaker. Love it. Someone, get me a Jamies rocks while I put another dime in the jukebox, baybay.

There it is folks...8 random facts.



Epimenides said...

Great post! I just turned 40 myself and I'm going through the same changes. (smoking stops begining July)
I like dancing, too, so see you in an Irish pub in NY soon! ;)

David said...

I see we are opposites on the whole punctuality deal. I apologize on behalf of my people for making your people so God-damned frustrated all the time. But just so you know, you guys put us under a whole lot of pressure and completely stress us out. How about a compromise? I may be late, but I always buy the first and last round/cheeseburger.

Ha ha, we both wrote about feet; somebody owes somebody a beer, don't know who though...

Awesome! I see we share the same work ethic. Let the others bust their asses without recognition. At least when I get fired I won't feel like I didn't have it coming.

So what you're saying is: We can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind, cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance then they ain't no friends of mine? :)

David said...

Ah, apparently we're meeting for drinks singing: glorious, glorious, one keg of beer for the four of us! And Glory be to God that there ain't no more of us for the four of us can drink it all ourselves, darned near.

rp said...

Epi, Good luck with the smoking thing. It can be a real bear!!!

David, it must be said that I spend every possible minute barefoot. outside, inside, in a bar, doesn't matter. If I can take off my shoes, I do, and don't care who says what about it.

For the most part, I'll leave the beer to you! I'll drink Irish whiskey, maybe Scotch, as will my husband :) At home, wine rules, but you know wine in bars sucks.

Love the lyrics--how funny! Is it Friday yet?

JYankee said...

Guess we are all near that big "40" divide! Now I gotta get working on my "8 Random Facts" Ouch!

Kate said...

FB made me do it, too. It's harder than it seems to be random.

Uncle Phatato said...

My eight random facts are coming, too. But here is the sangria I ever-so-promised:

1/2 cup sugar
1 bottle of red/white wine
1/2 cup brandy
1/2 cup triple sec
1 lemon, sliced thin
1 orange, sliced thin
any other fruit besides bananas (I usually throw in limes and just keep it citrus)
club soda when you serve (so half the overly alcoholic concoction and the other half club soda)


Dwight said...

Funny, I got to number 5 and said 'yes!' I changed that! Two years ago, life was almost non-existent for me between 7am to 5pm. It had been in that sad state for too long. But I changed all that. Check out my entry in my blog ( Revelations for Life) from today. I swear I did not read yours first!

I'm just a few years ahead of you in age (I'm 44), quitting smoking (at 19), and career change (almost 43). I'm behind in writing (mere months) and losing weight (stuck at 180lbs). I'm working on those. I left my corporate job in 2006, a month before I turned 43. I've never looked back. It took a lot of courage, but now I enjoy myself at work as well as outside of work. I don't know which 8 random facts I would pick. But my 'Work/Life' just keeps getting better.

PS - I too am punctual. It used to bother me when others weren't, but not anymore. Good news! I have no foot issues! Yea! Do I get a beer for that?