Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Family Time

Chris and Dad Last night was one I don't ever want to forget. Our small family had picnic down at Battery Park. We are still basking in the glow of reunion, and this was a great way to further enjoy its warmth.

My husband and son came from home to meet me in Manhattan after work, so that we could take a bus ride all the way down to the tip of the island. They brought with them light noshes for a warm evening: Nuts, cheese, crackers, berries, a yummy tofu salad, chips, and water. They also brought their good humor, and I brought the camera. Nothing fancy, just a few things from home.

It was a WARM evening, a little humid, with the threat of rain. They came anyway, and not a drop of rain fell. My husband could have taken a meeting to arrange a school function. I prevailed upon him not to, so he didn't.

On the bus ride downtown, Chris pulled a prank on Daddy that was priceless. He was playing games on my cell phone, when he asked me how to access Daddy's phone number. I showed him, the next thing you know, Brian's phone is ringing. Frantic search. Find the phone. Open it up to see MY phone number as the caller. A well executed prank by our 10 year-old that was rewarded with peals of laughter.

When we arrived at Battery Park, we walked down the paths along the waterside to the Jewish Heritage Museum, and had a picnic in a shady spot on the grass. Joining us for our feastlet were a whole host of sparrows, so we fed them bread and crackers. It was a lot of fun watching them fight over a heel of bread too big for them to fly off with.

How wonderful to see my family at the end day, and know we were going to go do something together, a bit removed from our usual routine. It just drove home that yes, we are a FAMILY unto ourselves. We were reminded to nourish those bonds, and just enjoy each other's company. The sound of combined laughter, instead of order issuing and complaining was music! Nothing about this was extraordinary. In fact, it's ordinariness almost makes it silly to mention, much less extol. But what a mark Monday night left on these 3 souls!


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